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FF Fortnightly - A 100 & 200 Drabble Challenge Community for All Final Fantasy Games and Crossovers

This community was inspired by and modeled after [profile] fuda_100, which was in turn inspired by another fandom's equivalent.

Considering the extensive Final Fantasy fanfiction writing communities already available, this community offers these differences:
  • A strict word limit of 100 words (drabble) or 200 words (the double drabble).

  • Three prompt per round are provided by the mods to inspire your drabble(s).

  • One fortnight in which to complete your drabble: 100 words in 14 days.

  • No restriction on any of the Final Fantasy franchises, spin-offs or characters you may wish to write.

  • AUs/crossovers are welcomed, as long as the characters are FF-centric.

Standard Drabble Challenge Rounds

A new challenge will be posted every second Tuesday at approximately 7am GMT. You will have fourteen days to post your drabble. Claiming is not necessary - just post. Challenges will be tagged by the mod/s per theme, for future reference.

Additionally, you are welcome to "chain" one prompt.

What's chaining? Pick one of the prompts for this round and write a series of 100 and/or 200 word drabbles that chain together to tell a longer story. Each drabble should be able to stand alone. You can post the chain of drabbles in one post or as separate posts with hyperlinks connecting them together.

Special Challenge Rounds

Every seventh round, we will hold a special challenge. These may include:

Recycle Rounds: Any prior prompt may be used to write your drabbles, chain a series of drabbles (see chaining, above), or stitch drabbles.

What's stitching? Select as many of the prior prompts as you want. Write one drabble per prompt selected such that your series of drabbles stitch together to form a longer story. Each drabble should be able to stand alone. You can post the series of drabbles in one post or as separate posts with hyperlinks connecting them together.

Drabble Battles: Similar to the ff_kissbattle where you suggest the prompts and everyone contributes drabbles in response.

FF Fortnightly's Community Rules

  1. Everything is welcome — het, slash, or gen.

  2. Use a rating that is recognized by [community profile] ff_press (G, PG, PG13, R, NC17).

  3. If your drabble contains sensitive or explicit material, squick, or character death, it must be behind cut tags.

  4. All drabbles must be 100 words or 200 words (not 150 words, or anything else inbetween). You may choose to include your title in the wordcount, or not, as you see fit. Here's a helpful word counting tool.

  5. If you go over the wordcount, there are numerous Final Fantasy communities elsewhere: please feel free to post your short fiction there.

  6. Each post should contain only one drabble unless you are responding to a chaining or stitching challenge, as defined above. Otherwise, if you have a sequel, or if your drabble sits within a series, you may include links to any associated fic.

  7. There is no limit to the number of drabbles you may post per fortnight.

  8. Please post the full text of your drabble to this community, for archiving purposes. Fake cuts (links) to your own journal are not as navigation-friendly.

  9. New prompts can be suggested in the suggestions thread.

Please format your drabble posts per the following template:

[in the subject header]
Title [Fandom: Pairings/Characters]

[in your post]
Spoilers (if applicable):
Author's Notes (if applicable):

Note, FFXII is either:
FFVII is either:
FFVII: DoC, etc etc

Further links of note:

[personal profile] prillalar's Drabble-Writing Basics
Rana Eros' Symposium on the Drabble
Save the Drabble

More Drabble Communities

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ffviii_100 : Weekly prompts for Final Fantasy VIII drabbles of 100 words
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