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No, we weren't dead. Just resting … and back! Much news as we start our next round.

First, the prompts for Round 47:
95:   Jealousy
96:   Transportation
97:   Gifts

Posting: Round 47 will be open between Sunday, April 24 and Saturday, May 7.

You can post to ff_fortnightly on LiveJournal or ff_fortnightly on Dreamwidth. The fortnightly archive post will list drabbles from both communities.

As always, we look forward to your 100 and 200 word drabbles. Additionally, you are welcome to "chain" one prompt or "stitch" multiple prompts. See the community profile for more info.

DW-Specific Announcement: Three Weeks for Dreamwidth starts on Monday, April 25. Posts tagged with threeweeks will show up in the 3W4DW Feed. If the DW drabblers wish to participate, please review the festival intro post (from last year).

New LJ and DW Moderators!
I'm excited to announce that we have many active volunteers who'll be helping with various aspects of community moderation on the LJ and DW versions of this community.

LJ Mod Team: fluid_static, green_animation, heaven_monument

DW Mod Team: birgitriddle, threewalls, vieralynn

The mods will engage in behind-the-scenes coordination and tidying up over the next few weeks. More news to come…

Fortnightly Drabble Archive for Round 46
3 Drabbles on DW FFF )
18 Drabbles on LJ FFF )
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Title: A Poorly Chosen Disguise
Characters: Ashe, (Vossler)
Rating: G
Prompt: 94:Disguises
Summary: Ashe used to daydream of sneaking away, but daydreams rarely mesh with reality.  (A double-drabble vignette).

Walking freely in Lowtown, Ashe wants to feel invisible. )
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Title: For Want of a Kiss
Fandom: FFXII
Characters: Penelo, Basch?
Rating: PG
Prompt: 94:Disguises
Summary: In 704, when Dalmasca still had an army...

For Want of a Kiss )



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