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Title: Waiting
Fandom: FFXII
Characters: Basch
Rating: PG
Prompt: 96: transportation, 97: gifts
Summary: Lost in thought after a pointless meeting at Draklor, Basch wanders towards the old aerodrome, and decides he might as well go in. Post-game AU where Mist stops working as expected. Multiparter. Timeline!


It has been so long since Basch had good reason to come this way.

The aerodromes around Ivalice are either ruins, or converted to alternate use for public entertainment. With Draklor's backing, the Archadian port still functions in limited form, though Basch cannot help but see the overlay of decay; he has seen too much decay, in his life, not enough growth. But he is here now, as slow as his pace has been since his heart first failed at word of the Galbana's downfall. That day, Basch remembers, was the last time he ventured this far out of his Magister's routine.

The Solidor guards do not halt him at the door, his Magisterial uniform of cloth as recognisable as the armour. The younger on the right leaps with too much alacrity to open the portal, bowing, but the unwarranted respect makes Basch feel old and too aware he no longer tolerates the weight of arms. A pin through the collar of his shirt is the only steel on him, a blade, gifted in a farcical ceremony by Larsa's eldest son for some past heroism. Basch pricks himself every time he puts it on, cramped fingers helpless with such flourishes.

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