May. 9th, 2011

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FF-Fortnightly is (always)  looking for new prompts!   

Given the results of our poll on prompts, writers who participate here want to see prompts that are different from the LJ version of this community.  Diversity is good, yes?  (More prompts means more merry writers?!)

Three prompts are randomly selected each round by the mod who starts the new round. We always need prompts so here's a post for you to comment to at any time with your suggested prompts.

When suggesting prompts, aim for ones that are general enough to inspire multiple interpretations across the many Final Fantasy games.

You can suggest one prompt or many per comment. If you have more than one prompt in your comment, please put each prompt on a new line. 

Prompt away!

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Hopefully no one minds that I've moved our prompt rounds to begin at an ungodly hour on Monday morning in a close-to-last timezone. This guarantees everyone the full weekend to post last minute drabbles before rounds close. (Or it provides something new on Mondays to help you procrastinate on doing real work.)

Base on results from our survey this round is the first that is not in sync with the LJ version of FF-Fortnightly. We are currently in need of new prompts so please suggest prompts here.

Our prompts for Round 48:
98: Genderswap
99: Dexterity
100: Forgiveness

Posting: Round 48 will be open between Monday, May 9 and Sunday, May 22.

As always, we look forward to your 100 and 200 word drabbles. Additionally, you are welcome to "chain" one prompt or "stitch" multiple prompts. See the community profile for more info.

Fortnightly Drabble Archive for Round 47:

Three Drabbles  )



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