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After an absolutely positively extremely rediculous delay, Welcome to Round 45!
Sorry everyone. Too much life intruded on my previously scheduled free time. Now I'm back after kicking life in the teeth. Time for drabbles!

89: Atonement
90: Hidden Talents
91: Steampunk 

Posting: Between Tuesday 21th December and Monday 3rd January. For real. Don't forget that we are also on Dreamwidth as well as LiveJournal! Feel free to post on either to be included in the fortnightly archive. You may also post an advertisement link in the other community.

As always, we look forward to your 100 and 200 word drabbles. Additionally, you are welcome to "chain" one prompt or "stitch" multiple prompts.

What's chaining? Pick one of the prompts for this round and write a series of 100 and/or 200 word drabbles that chain together to tell a longer story. Each drabble should be able to stand alone. You can post the chain of drabbles in one post, making clear where each drabble ends, or as separate posts with hyperlinks connecting them together.

What's stitching? Select as many of the prior prompts as you want. Write one drabble per prompt selected such that your series of drabbles stitch together to form a longer story. Each drabble should be able to stand alone. You can post the series of drabbles in one post or as separate posts with hyperlinks connecting them together.

If you haven't already read these 11 drabbles, check them out and leave a comment. (I will over the next few days ^^)

green_animation Not begrudging the mentor, [FFX; Auron, Tidus; PG]

green_animation The architect of pyres, [FFXII, Fran, Balthier; PG-13] 

paperclipchains Third Option [FFVII:OGC, Lucrecia; PG]

fluid_static Terms Negotiable [FFXII, Balthier, Fran; G] 

vegakapera Sealed, [FFXII; Basch, Gabranth; PG]

vegakapera Emerge [FFXII; Penelo, Fran, Balthier; PG] 

green_animation An artless evasion [FFXII; Penelo, Larsa, PG] 

fluid_static Of Blood Ties and Business [FFXII/FFT; Balthier, Besrudio, Mustadio; PG] 

pixelnyx End of the World (1) [FFXII; Balthier, Fran; PG]

fluid_static Arrangements [FFXII; Balthier, Ashe; PG]

mako_lies Protector [FFXIII; Fang; PG]


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